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Ready to Return to the World of Darkness

Updated: Apr 27

After some time of this daily torture I was putting myself through, I decided to go full stop. I was finally able to admit to myself that I did everything wrong. I admitted that I was impulsive, impatient and didn’t know a tenth of what I thought I did. No podcasts or webinars will make a bit of difference if you don’t grasp the concept of hard work and perseverance. After an hour or so contemplating it, I decided to reboot and pulled my books off the store. I won’t say that it was a hard decision because it really wasn’t once I began to feel the weight coming off of my shoulders as I thought about it. I don’t regret that choice and I feel better having done it.

That wasn’t all though, I was also burned out on the story I was telling. The words were a struggle to put together and the characters I created were becoming so two dimensional. I began to sink further into depression, I needed some new project to get my mind back into focus. I went back to the beginning for me and threw myself back into tabletop role-playing games. I had been playing RPGs of various kinds since I was ten and it felt good to let someone else tell a story and I would be a part of the action. I also started a new website and podcast to talk about and promote our favorite hobby. In the deep depression I sank into, Basement Quest was born and it has been a healing factor to my creativity and I think I am ready to go back to the world of Maddix Benbrook and The Malevolent Prisoners.

The plan is simple. Starting over from scratch (sort of) and repackaging the product. I’ve always been unsure about the first book. The characters are near perfect to me, I love them and I do enjoy guiding their lives. The action is great, the tension is good, but the horror needs work. I’ve always felt the world is not fleshed out enough. I find myself asking questions about the backstory more as I think about it for this relaunch. That being said, the first book will get an extensive rework, there will be new content added and possibly some changes in events to fit a more cohesive narrative once I know the direction this trilogy will go.

The second book will get fewer changes as I feel it’s the most complete I could make the story, it’s linear, intense and gripping enough as is. I will still go through it with a fine-tooth comb and make it better and more suited for the complete story I am going to tell.

The infamous third is going to be the toughest. It’s a quarter written and loaded with problems that I will need to address, but it’s the most important as I will know what the overall story arc is once I finish it. The outline is a shell of a proper outline so I will be throwing myself into that at first, followed by an intense re-read and rework of the material I have already written. Tossing the whole thing in the trash is not off the table but I’m hoping what I have is salvageable. No matter what direction I go in, the bottom line is the book will be written to completion and off to the editor. Shout out to Melissa from There for You Editing, who has not only become a good business partner but a good friend.

Other things will have to be changed as well, new covers, descriptions, etc. As I said this will be a fresh start and I am excited to get to work. I will have regular blogs as things get closer to launch and I will also be announcing a free gift for everyone for being so patient. In addition to everything listed above, I will also be writing an exciting prequel novel that will be available for free to anyone who signs up for my mailing list. It’s something I’ve wanted to do to show appreciation for everyone who has supported me in this journey.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to focus...

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