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Enough Talk, Here's the Plan

Updated: Apr 27

I've decided that I needed to get my thoughts down and share my outline for content I'd like to create in 2023. No self-inflicted pressure or deadlines. Just me and these four walls I call my studio. Between some personal issues and the pandemic, the last couple of years have been a depressing ride. That has made it really hard to concentrate on anything creative but with most of that in the rearview window and my renewed sense of imagination I think it is the best time to give things another shot.

Every week I am going to try to stick to a simple schedule and put an hour or two every day into a project. Some things will roll right into other projects by combining them. Let us take a look at the schedule I am working with at the moment. This is subject to change as needs arise.

YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Twitter

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday I will be live streaming for a couple of hours on the four major platforms. During these streams, I will be doing some writing and/or plotting, possibly some gaming if the game fits what I am currently locked in the flow for. I will also use these streams as a way to cover topics for use on my YouTube channel. This will help me grow my content library while eliminating the need to shoot videos separately. Not to say I won't do that anyway but for now, this will be the best way to build the channel.

The days I am not streaming will be strict writing days and as I stated above, I will be writing just to write and when it is done, it is done. I do have a plan long term but I am no longer going to force myself to produce longer word counts if I am not feeling it. If I do pull off higher counts then that is a bonus.

On the weekends I will mostly take time off except maybe a sprint here and there. I will set aside some time to produce more content for this website and blog. I neglect it too much and waste too much time scrolling through social media when I could be here producing something. So going forward we will be making a blog post every week. Maybe it will be something profound or maybe about some drivel I read on the internet and want to share some thoughts about.

Basement Quest Gaming

For those that remember, a friend of mine started a Tabletop Role Playing Game podcast a couple of years ago that was really getting some traction. Of course due to covid and other reasons we took a prolonged hiatus. Well, things are calm, we are bother settled and in a better position to get back to it. We will be relaunching the website and recording new episodes before you know it. First, though I had some ideas for a few solo episodes that I had kicking around in my head. Mostly covering my own personal journey as a gamemaster and how I use stories in my games. These will be short half-hour episodes and I will be finishing the notes for these real soon.

And finally ...

We are going to have a little fun and blow off some steam! I have decided that I will be stepping back into an old hobby of mine. Starting this month, I will be launching a weekly or biweekly DJ mix show on Twitter and Mixcloud! Playing house music was a passion of mine for over a decade and I feel like it is time to dust off the digital decks and get back into it. I can't play guitar or the drums, so this is my outlet. I will have more information on this as I get more into the logistics.

That is all I got for now, be back next week!


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